Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yep. Hazel's rollin' over.

 So, we officially have a rolling over baby.  Here is photographic evidence of said event.  Crap.  Now I can't leave her dangling off dangerously high ledges.  What's a mother to do?

Getting started...

A little more...

Oh her belly...

Getting that pesky arm out of the way...

And she's up!

AND she's asleep.  All that work really wore her out.  Nope.  Not cute.

Zeke's almost there, but I think his giant dome is a hinderance.  Seriously,  That is one huge head.

But in either position, they both make sure to have a good view of the TV.  I foresee a problem in my future.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Comin' up on 4 months

I seriously can't believe we are rounding the corner to 4 months. Ridiculous. This just means that I had to go back to work. Having 4 months of maternity leave was pretty much the best thing ever. Dang bills. The babies are liking day care so far. Which is GREAT. Gloria )the care taker) is amazed at how lucky we are to have such sweet happy babies. If you are wondering what we are actually doing for day care, here it goes. A while back, when I was still great with childrens, I looked around a lot for day care and was really struggling to find something a) in my price range and b) not with some skeezy crazy lady. So, at that time, my coworker asked me what we are doing. His wife, Gloria, is a licensed provider from thier home. All the kids she had watched and thier own son were staring preschool, so she was lookin' at an empty nest during the day. So we got together, and came to an arrangement that works really well. She watches them part time, usually from 10-3; Jake and I arrange our work schedules accordingly. And also, my mom watches them on Fridays for now. It might end up being a different day, but she will be watching them once a week. Awesomeness. So although I miss them like ridonkulously while I'm gone, at least I know they are in good hands. Anyhoo, here are some super cute pic of my super ridiculously cute babies. Enjoy. Or I'll cut you.

This pic cracks me up. They both look oddly surprised by the camera.

Hazel is being a big girl in her bumbo. Cute.

I think Zeke is growing out of his Dr. Spaceman jammies. (Dr. Spacemen. Get it? Anyone?)

Hazel is starting to really like the exersaucer. She especially like the mirror part and stares into it for quite a while. I have taught her well.

We went to Grape Day Park on Saturday to take a bunch of pics. It was pretty fun, except for the crazy lady that looked like she wanted to eat my children. I really thought I was gonna have to grab the babies and run, and run fast. Jake was even creeped out by her, and he usually just thinks I'm crazy.

It may not be the cutest picture of Zeke, but its just such a Zeke face.

Just like how this face is so typical of Hazel. I think she may be tired.

And here is a cute chubby Zeke. You are more than welcome to come and bite him.

This is the other typical Hazel face. Dimples all ablaze.

And this was at the end when they were so done with photos. Zeke decided it was time to eat Hazel's hand for good measure. It happens pretty often, and she sucks on his head for revenge. I think its a win-win.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A few pics...

My friend Beverly took these pictures the week before I came back to work (BOOOOOO!!! I miss my babies!). They were taken on their exact 3 month birthday. And some are cute, some are rough lookin, and I look awesome in all of them. I mean, Jake is cute too and all, but come on. She is still gonna edit them so I should be getting more pics here soon. And maybe a few of them will be framed and/or sent out. If you play your cards right, that is. My pictures are laid out crazy like cause I don't know how to work this thing yet. Anyone have any pointers?

A very Happy Hazel

Jake and Hazel both find their knuckles tasty.
I love this quilt. The patches are from my grat grandmother and my mom quilted it all. It is awesome. I begged for it for years. All I had to do to get it was have twins. Should have done it years ago...
The collar was not intentionally "popped"
She's so cute with her sleepy/grumpy face.
This was our attempt at a belly pic...he may not have the best control yet
This isn't the best shot of the whole family, but Zeke's face is cracking me up. Maybe he should be a pirate for Halloween.