Sunday, March 11, 2012


Zeke decided not to go to bed easily tonight.  After nearly an hour of banging on the door and playing/singing, I went into thier room and this is how I found them. 

Seriously, can you stand it?  I almost let them sleep all night that way.

Trip to the Zoo

Although we've been to the zoo a few times before, this was the first time that they really seemed to be into it.  It's too bad it was super crowded and freezing cold.  But c'est la vie.  What did I expect going on a holiday?  April came along with us, which made it a lot easier with 3 adults and 2 wiggly toddlers who didn't want to ride in the stroller.  Zeke and Hazel loved the Elephants and monkeys the most.  And the giant kitties or Tigers as they are known by most.  Awesome. 

That is one huge Bear!

Zeke LOVES April.  Ridiculously

I was just super impressed with this little guy's skills. 

We love the zoo!
We spent most of the day there, went shoping at Charming Charlie's afterward, and then went home and got ready for bed.  This is how I found them shortly after the bath.  Hazel not only decided that she didn't need her diaper, but that bedtime warranted a pink beret.  But seriously, what occasion doesn't warrant a beret?