Monday, December 12, 2011

Some christmasy activities

We got together with the Grandparents to go to December nights at Balboa Park.  It was crazy!  Not at all the fun I remember from years back.  But, they do have a cute Christmas tree...

We also went to my parent's ward Christmas party.  I can never seem to go to my own wards, it always seems to fall on the same day as my work party. 

Goofy face.

Eating the Dinosaur.

And the 3 seconds on Santa's lap where they screamed.  Ay-yi-yi.

New family pictures

My friend from work, Beverly, is a photographer.  She is still growing her business, so she currently does jobs on the side; wedding, engagements photos, family pics, etc.  Due to us being friends, I liek to get her to take my pics.  Also, she does a great job.  So if anyone is in the market, check her out! 
We picked of few of these for Christmas cards, and a few we got printed for framing.  Here is a sampling!  Mainly, of my cute babies...I have a hard time editing.