Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Pics taken by my friend Katie Madsen at Sara Quarders house in Santee.  Pure cuteness.

Disneyland part one...

Since we were a bit, lets say, underwhelmed with Legoland, we decided to take a trip to Disneyland.  We got the 2day-2park passes, so we are going back soon to have the babies enjoy some California Adventure.  They LOVED Disneyland.  I was afraid that Hazel wouldn't want to go on any rides, but she was pretty brave.  She got a little freaked out, but was happy.  She even rode the carousel.  Awesome.  It was a great day, not a lot of lines, great parade, but no fireworks.  Boo.  We will see them when we go back though...

Pirates!!  They loved it!

Jungle cruise

Zeke and Daddy about to go on the Rocket ships

He was so excited!

Hazel and I watched while...

Zeke and daddy blasted off!

Loving Dumbo!

Tolerating the Carousel

Mickey!  Hazel Loved him and gave him lots of kisses.


MS walk/Day at Legoland

My company participated in the annual walk for MS which took place at Legoland.  This is the first year my company has done this, and since we are currently seeking new MS therapies, our company decided to get involved this year.  We had a lot of participants from our company; family, friends, etc.  In the end we had over 90 walkers and raised over $14000.  Which was pretty cool.  In doing this walk, we got discount passes to Legoland, so decided to make a day of it.  Legoland had some cool stuff...the mini star wars land, the mini cities, etc.  But mostly, I felt that it wasn't worth the money.  It would have been $90 each if we didn't have those discount passes.  Dang.  Even with the passes, we had to buy Legoland and the Sealife aquarium.  Here are a couple pics of us enjoying the day.  Verdict:  Not going back unless begged to by a Lego loving child...


This is seriously how he napped.  Swagger.

As you can see, she was not too sure about the train.

Whereas Zeke loved it and we went 4 times.

Different day, different clothes.  Sealife Aquarium

He was VERY into the fish and things...


Who doesn't love a bit of strawberry face?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Carlsbad Flower Fields

Here is a sampling of all the cute pics Beverly took at the Carlsbad flower fields.  It really is a perfect place for pics.  The twins looked ridiculously cute in their matchy-matchies that strangers were taking pics of them. A bit creepy?  Maybe.  But who could blame them?

I Love this one!!

She seems a bit melancholy, but really she's jsut shy.  And cute.

No, he's not trying to push her over...


Giving loves!

"Hey Buddy!"

Look at that handsome boy!

She's so pretty.

"There's the train!"

This is her thinking face.

And now the stinker face.

Deep in thought.