Friday, August 12, 2011

An attempt at camping.

Jake and I usually fill our summers up with various camping trips.  In fact, beach week is coming up very soon (insert excited squeal here)!  We also do a fishing/camping trip to see some Powell's in Utah every Labor day weekend.  This year, many of these Powell's are coming to Yosemite for the fishing trip.  So, Jake and I decided to do a quick overnight camping trip, just to see how it goes.  It was kind of a nightmare.  Babies running around everywhere, getting into everything, trying to touch the fire, etc.  The only thing that worked was corralling them in the tent.  We will have to uses these tactics in the near future...We brought my friend April along for the ride.  Since Zeke can now say April, she's a sucker for Powell family gatherings.  Mwah-ha-ha.  Here is some pics from the chaos.  Good times.

Almost time for Bed!
Wakey Wakey!  Eggs and Bakey!

All cleaned up and ready to hike!