Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmastime Awesomeness

Oh Christmas time.  This year, we spent the holidays with my parents here in good ol' Esco.  Courtney and Josh came here from Dallas with Steve-o and Nate.  It has been some seriously good times.  Steve-o loves him some Hazel.  Its pretty ridiculously cute.  Since it is the twins first christmas, we wanted to make sure to properly commemorate the event.  Seeing that they are only about 7 months old (?!?!?), we figured they would not give a crap about any of it so we TRIED to not to too crazy on the gift giving.  We failed.  Those babies got more toys and clothes than they could ever really need.  They loved all the attention and noisy wrapping paper.  It was awesome.  They both took a mid-present opening nap, since we did get started at 6am.  I blame Josh for the early wake--up. 

The Fam on Christmas Eve

Hazel has the most ridiculous Christmas outfits courtesy of her cousin Ellie

They were trying to tear off the bows and chew on them

Steve and Nate.  My babies love them. 

Courtney's lil fam.  

Opening their gifts from Santa.
Um, yeah, Zeke looks so cute in his cap from Grandma Sunny.
Steve-o was making Hazel crack up.  That kid loves him some baby girls. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm really not ready for this...

As evidenced by the videos below, my babies are crawling.  Zeke is still doing the army crawl while Hazel has an actual crawl, but either way, those two can move.  It's getting to the point where we really can't just leave them on the floor and expect them to be anywhere near where we left them.  The other day, I couldn't find Zeke, panicked a bit, and then found him under the coffee table.  So safe.  I'm a good mom.  Not only is Hazel crawling, but she can sit up all by herself.  It's really quite cute, since she is so tiny.  Zeke is getting there, although we usually have to prop him up.  I do find it sad they are growing so fast.  Is it wrong that I just want something to cuddle?

Here they are.  In all their crawling glory.

Why yes.  This book is delicious!

Really though, nothing is cuter than matching jammies.

zeke crawl

hazel crawl

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I can't believe it...

My babies are 6 months old.  Seriously, that's crazy.  It seems like just yesterday they looked like this:

So cute. So tiny.  They shared that bassinet for a while, then they both got too fat for it.  We went to the doc and had the six months appointment.   Zeke is in the 28th% for weight and height (16.2lbs, 26 in) whereas Hazel is in the 8th% for both (13lbs, 24 in).  She's tiny.  Healthy, but tiny.  Here are some pics to commemorate the cuteness.  They were a little fussy, but I decided they needed the pics done, NOW.  Maybe I could have waited til they were happier...

Thanksgiving at the Cima's 2010 Computer


We had our annual Thanksgiving at the Cima's.  My sister Amy came with her family, so it was extra good times.  There were like 35 people there, it was one full house.   Seeing that I have 2 babies, I really didn't take any pics of said event or of Amy's hilarious/cute kids.  I'm awesome.  Jake took a few pics, so here they are.  Mom and Amy, I'm sorry.