Saturday, February 23, 2013

A photo representation of the last few months...

Life has been a bit hectic for the last few months.  I have completely neglected the important things in life, you know, like this blog.  So here is a few photos that I selected out of a sea of many.  Mostly to prove how cool and awesome I, I mean my kids are.  Yes.  That is what I mean.

The Color Run: Before the Race. 

Hazel getting colored.

Brock was all long as he has Jessie and Woody to keep him company.

After the Race!

Disneyland with the Cima's
Zeke loves Disneyland.

Taylor and Hazel
Looking at Christmas lights with the Heck's

Heck Family-Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas!
All the kids.  2 sets of b/g twins.

Zekey loves Santa.

Minnie Mouse is very popular at the Powell house.

Zeke's favorite gift.

Princess Hazel made sure she had a turn.

Cute baby twins.  Not as cute as mine though.  Suck it Heck's.
The most recent pics: Hazel with pigtails at the beach. 

A Happy, but freezing Zeke.

Pure cuteness.

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Long Awaited Post...

So even though I haven't updated in like forever, we definitely have been up to A LOT.  Lots of parties, family stuff and the glorious return of Christina from Japan.  Glorious return.  Anyways, we didn't take a lot of pics because we are forgetful like that.  But for labor day weekend, we decided to take a week and head to the grand canyon.  Neither of us had ever been there before (at least to our recollection) so we made the plans to head on out.  Unfortunately, Jake's grandpa Jack had to be hospitalized during this time so we had a bit of change of plans.  We still eventually got to the Grand Canyon, but we took the 600+ round trip detour to SLC to see him.  Poor guy...but on the bright side we got to hang out with some Triggs.  They are good times...
Happy Zeke trying on Daddy's shoes

Zeke and Maddy

Kenny climbing the crazy pyramid

Hazel riding her bike at the park

Zeke riding...   

 So after some fun with the fam, we drove back on down to AZ.  WE took the scenic route and saw some fun and beautiful scenery along the way.  We stayed at Jacob's Lake, near the north Rim for a few days then headed over to the south rim to see the sight on the way home.  and Hazel and Zeke love any excuse to dig in the dirt. 

Just some of the wildlife...

Baby Buffalo

We ran into an old friend.
Checking our the view

The North Rim

Going for a hike.

Pure cuteness.

This is awesome.

"Look at that flower!"

North Rim

The Colorado River

Stinkery Zeke.  His lips were hurt and swollen.

Playing trains at the campsite.

Hazel and Percy

South Rim


Close to you

Monday, July 30, 2012

Pure cuteness.

I know, I know.  I'm biased.  Everyone thinks that their children are the cutest in the world.  But seriously, these guys are hilarious.  I mean, how could you not smile at this?  I challenge you!

Having a nap together at the beach

Enjoying some corn with Apes and the Fair.

mmmm, CORN!

Helping mommy do the dishes.

Full sassy mode.



I said CHEESE!


Giving eachother a kiss in the pink sunset.