Friday, April 13, 2012


This Easter was pretty fun for me.  Last year they didn't really care that much about the baskets, even though I did go a little crazy.   This year, I tried to go less crazy, but wasn't very successful.  Ah well.  We started the day opening the baskets from the Easter bunny...

Mouth FULL of jelly beans.  Yikes.

Then we had a small Easter Egg hunt in the backyard.  The bunny ears were not optional.

This time, it was Reeses Pieces.

After all the sugar high wore off, it was time for nap, then church.  No pictures of that, because that would be strange.  Then, we went to my parent's house for Easter dinner and a much larger hunt.

Happy Easter!

Easter Prep

Friday before Easter, we decided to dye some eggs.  This was thier first foray into egg dying and they did a pretty good job.  Messy for sure, and a fw compltely broken ones, but in the end, most were good. 

Before the craziness

Zeke pretty much wanted to sit on my lap the whole time. 

Hazel loved it!

Now Zeke is getting into it!

Dyeing eggs with daddy.

And some post dye cuteness!

On Saturday, my friend Beverly ( took some Easter pics at the Carlsbad flower fields.  She did a great job!  I will post better shots when I get them back from her, but here are a few shots Jake took while Beverly was getting set up.  This was only from the very beginning of the shoot, and we were there for a long time! 

They love each other!

Yet another trip to the Zoo

I tend to go to the zoo often, and the Wild Animal park, since I have passes.  These are just pics to show them in their cute matchies.  Awesome.

Holy Crap!  What are those things!

Look Mommy!

Thing 2

that is one big kitty.