Sunday, September 18, 2011

This may be a a little old..

But we got together with Mandy Parry and family and took each others pics.  So here are a few unedited pics of our family!

Yosemite Trip.

Every Labor Day weekend, the Powell family gets together for a nice fishing trip.  This year, Jake talked them into coming to Yosemite.  Not sure why.  Kassie and Roger came into town and we all left for Yosemite Friday.  After staying the night in the beautiful (read-not prostitute infested) Fresno, we headed up the mountain.  We got there sometime after noon on Saturday.  Our campsite was actually just outside Yosemite, at Dimond-O campground which was just down the road from the Strawberry Festival (not an actual strawberry festival.  It's a bluegrass festival).  Dane and his family also drove up from SD to join in on the fun.  Both Grandpa Jack and Uncle Mike came from Utah.  For a fishing trip, there was very little fishing done.  Most of the time was spent stuck in traffic.  Yosemite was CRAZY busy.   I mean CRAZY.  The babies loved the campsite and all the free space to run around in.  We did manage a few short hikes and some fishing.  Although, next year we will steer clear of Yosemite on holiday weekends.  YIKES! 

The whole Powell clan that came.  Except Rachel.  She was taking the pic.

Hazel showing where her nose is.

Jake came across a very large Buck.

All of us at Glacier Point.

Me, Grandpa Jack and Kassie.

And for randoms, Hazel in cute chinese jammies.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good times at Beach Week.

Every summer,  for most of my existence, my family, along with the good ol' Malan fam, has camped for a week at the beach.  Seriously.  My whole life.  I have many fond memories of the beach with the Malan's...pinochle, body surfing, checking out boys (one of my favorite/traumatizing, was when I was about 8, and Katie Malan thought it would be funny to take my bathing suit top off when I was in the water.  Good times man, good times.  I freakin' love that gal.).  Anyways, since we were unable to camp last year due to newborn twins and a family reunion, this is the first of many years for this tradition to live on.  With lots of kids running around and making friends with the new generation of Malan's.  .  Sunny, Jake's mom, also made the trek from Texas to join us for the week.  She hates camping, but was a good sport about it.  She loves her some grand babies though.  And they love their Gram-gram.  Good times had by all.

Hazel's guilty face.  She may have just ate sand.

Hazel LOVES the beach.  LOVES it.  I can't stress that enough.

Cute little Chloe Quarders.  She's a doll.

A pic of me and Zeke, while playing cards.  Jenna Madsen had to crash the photo, of course.

What's not to love about 2 babies playing in a ditch?

Hazel and Shiloh Malan.   They are pretty close in age.  And cuteness.

Zeke and his shovel.  He would drag it around all day.

April with Zeke.  He loves her. 
Daddy and Hazel at the campsite.

Zeke "helping" us pack up

Saying goodbye to Grandma Sunny at the airport!

And a few random pics for extra cutesies:

She loves her dollies.  She fell asleep with them both on her face.

And to finish, 2 nakies in the tub!