Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good times in Phoenix

We made the grueling 5 hour drive to Phoenix last weekend for Kendal's wedding (Jake's niece...his brother Dane's daughter.  Oh,  and I'm not ready for any of the nieces on my side of the family to marry. Ever.)  We stayed with Amanda in Phoenix at her apartment.  She lives in the ghetto, but her place is cute and she has attack cats for protection. Okay it's really not that bad.  It was the usual stuff, lots of giggling, Amanda saying things to make Jake uncomfortable, her threatening to steal a baby, and so on.  We spent time with family, went to a farm, and got to see Angela and Eric's baby,  Landon.  And go to his blessing.  He's pretty cute.    I'd like to say that we went there specifically for the blessing, but I really don't love Angela that much.  Ha.  I'm funny. 
Amanda kissing some chick at the farm

All tuckered out.  It's hard work, pooping and eating.

So, so cute.

Hazel and Zeke with Landon.  He's still so tiny.

New mommy Angela.  She looks so good after 8 weeks.  I hate her a little for that.

So back to Kendals's wedding.   The wedding was some good times with the Powell's.  Kendal spent a lot of time making all the flowers and things for the wedding and Hazel got to reap some of the benefit.  Everything turned out super cute.  Congrats to Kendal and Dan!  They then left on their honeymoon, a cruise to Mexico.  And then got stuck in the Pacific when the engine caught fire.  Yeah they were on THAT cruise.  Poor kids.  I hope they had fun anyway!

The happy couple at the Rehearsal dinner.

At the wedding.   Aren't we a good lookin' family?

Hazel with her cousin Tatum.  Kendall made the bow and the dress for Hazel.  Cute.

Zeke and his cousin Arden.  He and Ian fought over who could hold Zeke next.  Awesome.

She gets the thumb sucking from her daddy. 

He gets his hotness from his mommy.  What?

They played like this for a while.  They love each other.  Its ridiculous.

Kendal with Dane doing the Daddy/Daughter dance.  Very sweet.  Doesn't she look gorgeous?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween, or what you will.

The last few weeks have been some busy ones.  We attended 3, yes 3, trunk-or-treats at various churches/wards for those in the know.  Our old one in PQ, our new one is Esco, and my parents.  Since we either forgot to bring or take pics at the first 2, we didn't really get any good pics of them in their costumes.  We did get this picture with my mom while we were passing out candy.  Zeke is super happy. 

Yes, they are skeletons.  Yes, Hazel has a ridiculous fluff on her head. 
Just in case you were wondering whether or not my babies are super cute, below are some pics to prove that as a fact.
Hazel fell asleep in the jumper.  She's a thumb sucker.  So cute.

And Zeke really likes to be naked.

Look at that dimple!

For those keeping count, the twins are now 5 months!   Here are the pics to commemorate the occasion.  They are not quite at the sit up stage, so we propped them up in Hazel's crib to get some good shots.  Although, it's near impossible to get good ones of both at the same time.  Stinkers.