Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why I haven't updated in a while...

So my best friend Christina (more commonly know as Crapina to much of my family) is visiting from Japan.  So I have been spending lots of time with her and her little fat cutie baby Brock.  He's seriously cute.  And since it has often been just me and the babies with her (Jake still being at work), I haven't really taken any pics.  I have taken some and here is a catch up for what has been going around these parts.

  • 4 trips to the Fair (and at least one more to go)
  • 1 Mud Run
  • Justin and Marisa's wedding (woo-hoo!)
  • A Padre's game
  • Unsucessfully teaching Zeke to walk
  • Many shopping trips with Christina
  • Many trips to Point Loma (Christina's mom's house)
And much, much more!  There is a lot more to come as well, before she heads on back to the Land of the Rising Sun.  Stupid japan.  Stealing my friend.

We get our Zeke cuddles whenever we can.  They are rare.

They LOVE pasta.


Tired Babies after the Fair.  Chubbster in the middle is Brock.  
Zeke hanging with the grandparents and eating kettle corn at the game.

Our gang and Hazel's head.

There's that face!

And a smile after being a stinker to everyone.

And now, a few words about the mud run.  I participated in this 10k after trying to train for the last 6 months, but clearly doing a poor job.   A bunch of people from my work also participated (and did A LOT better than I did) along with April.  April and I decided that we wanted to have fun, and really didn't care about our time.  We ran/walked the race and had a blast.  There are a lot of hills, mud pits, and tons of people.  It was pretty hard, but we would totally do it again.  Since we did it on the ASYMCA day (for charity), there were celebrities doing some entertainment after the race.  Good times.  I didn't get a lot of pics of my whole group, but someone else did so I may have an update later.  Also, there were people all along the trail taking pics.  The links below are to those pics of me.  I look super hot of course.  There are a few more around if you look a bit.  

April and I before the race.

After the race, but we had wiped off a bit of the mud.  It had also dried.  Comfy.

All Clean!
Dana Carvey doing stand up.  He was hilarious.

And what would a mud run be without Lt. Dan?  

Jumping on the bed Computer

Time for a nap! Computer

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day at the Zoo

We decided to brave the crazy memorial day zoo crowd with my parents and use our free tickets that were about to expire.  Man was it a zoo.  HA. Anyways, both kids seemed to have a great time, aside from the teething pains, and loved being outside.  Hazel loved the animals and would point to them.  Zeke on the other hand, didn't give a crap.  He wanted to play.  All in all, it was a good day.  Much better than the debacle of the Wild Animal park.  That was a nightmare.  But we'll still be getting zoo passes soon. 

Trying to get Hazel to pet the goat.  She was not interested.

And Zeke passes out of course.  Hazel was on her way.

Waiting for the bus tour.  We walked around for a few hours, then took the tour.  Perfect.

Grandpa and Hazel. 

Me with the sleepy Buster.  Pretty much the only time he cuddles.

And they are awake and ready to play!

This was Hazel the whole time on the bus.  She was so into the animals. 

This is Zeke on the bus.  Wanting to play and wanting some soda.  Of course.

Animals in sight

But Zeke plays.  Typical.

And an extra pic of just some pure cuteness.  He's a climber.

Too many presents!

For one year old babies, they sure have a lot of stuff.  And since they passed out for a nap before the could open thier presents at the party, they opened them hours later.  Here are a few pics of the cuteness!

Enjoying his paper.

Delicious paper.

Zeke's bench from Linda.  He loved it since he loves climbing on everything!

The following pics show why Hazel can never have anything.  Please ignore the bored looking me in the background.  I actually wasn't bored, just super, super tired.  I mean I look hot, right?

It's a xylophone for Hazel!

Zeke sees it.

And takes it.

Xylophone all for me!

And Hazel moves on to the next toy.  She's pretty good at sharing.

Birthday fun!

Seriously, my babies are one year old!!  This is crazy!  To honor this occasion, we decided to throw a small party.  This small party quickly became pretty large as we kept wanting more and more people to share this day with us!  We had a great time.  We had a BBQ at my parents house.  The day started off well, babies having a good breakfast.  The party was scheduled to start at noon, so I figures, that if I put them down at 10 for a nap, all will be well.  Except, they didn't want to nap.  They wanted to play.  So, before guests arrived, they maybe got about 45 minutes of a nap, 15 of which being in the car on the way to my parents.  Awesome.  I tried.  I really did.  This meant that they were cranky during the entire party and wanted to be held the whole time.  They finally did go down for a nap around 3, and slept for 3 hours.  Good times.  this meant that present opening was AFTER the nap, not before.  So to those who brought the babies a gift, they enjoyed tearing into them.  I swear. It was just much, much later than planned.   Enjoy the pics!

This is pretty much the best shot of them together.  We really do love them equally!

Amanda and Hazel

The original Rachel Powell with Zeke

She's just walking around, chillaxing.

This is me at the beginning of  the crankiness.  Cute little Buster.

Yep, they both cried during the song.

Hazel dived right in.  She loves her some sugar.

Whereas Zeke wouldn't touch it.  Which is unusual for him.  Cranky.

Loving some cake.


Gloria and the fam.  She takes care of the babies while I'm at work.

Amanda and April.  Good little fake Aunties!

Dane's 2 girls.  They are such cute girls!

Some of the kids enjoyed the hot tub.  It was a bit chilly in the pool.

The twins also love the hot tub...until someone falls asleep.  Guess which one.

Cute little baby Taylor passed out.  I want to cuddle her!