Friday, October 22, 2010

Good times at Bates Nut Farm

 We decided it was time for the obligitory pumpkin patch photos.  So we headed on up to good ol' Nate's with my mom to take some pictures and get some pumpkins.  Jake had never been there before, so of course we had to spend a ridiculous amount of time in the shops.  I think he may have a bit of a problem...


Grandma Kerrie with the twins

It was just too perfect to pass up...

Precariously propped up with pumpkins.  I'm a good mom.

That's right ladies.

Hazel LOVES being in the sling.

He was trying to suck on the ledge.  EW.

Um, yeah.  She's just ridonkulously cute. 

Hazel cough/laugh and Zeke squeals

Monday, October 11, 2010

Just your average everyday stinkin cute babies.

 I would like to post something awesome or spectacular.  Hmmm....Jake starts his new job soon...I've now been at work for almost a month and miss my babies...speaking of babies, they are so cute.  Zeke caught up to Hazel pretty fast in the rolling over department, but I can't seem to get any pictures of it.  He's fast like that.  So I just decided to post some other pics.  They are still just learning to eat solids (rice cereal every couple days) so that means awesome messy face pics.  Here you go.

This was their first bath together.   They loved being in the big tub.

Zeke is starting to grab at his toes.  And yes he is wearing leg warmers.  Don't you judge me!

This is from our walk in the big baby stroller.  They loved facing forward.

And this is just too cute for words.

Friday, October 1, 2010

What the-4 months already?

I seriously can't believe they are 4 months old.  Everyone keeps saying it goes by fast, but those people are usually old and crazy.  Maybe they have a point here after all.  We even had their 4 month appointment the other day.  I thought you'd enjoy the stats along with some sweet, sweet pics. 

Weight: 27%
Height: 8%

Noggin: 39%

Weight: 12%
Noggin: 24%
Height: 1%   That's right. 1%.  Shorty.

Aside from shortness, they both were healthy and had no other issues.  Except Zeke apparently has a flat head. If it doesn't get better, he may be a helmet sportin' man.  But here is what we are doing now to help:


Since they are getting big, we decided to try feeding them solids.  It did not go so well.  I think we'll wait a while before trying again.  Like when they are 25. 

Zeke in Hazel's bib and chair.  He would just spit it all out

Hazel would just suck on her hand in between each bit.  Messy girl.  Love it.