Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hazel's game Computer

Good times in the Summertime.

 Ahh, summertime.  Oh how I love you.  Last summer was a blur of diapers, nursing, and trying to not accidentally kill one of the babies.  There was some beach time in there, and a bit of vacation, but it was NOT relaxing. And even though these twins are still a ton of work, its nice that they are a lot more self sufficient.  The month of June/July was a great one.  My friend Christina was visiting from Japan for a month, so we did a lot of things together.  One problem.  I am horrible with taking pics.  This is what I need Jake for.  The only reason.

Here we are at the zoo.  This is the only picture I took of Christina and her baby Brock together.  Very cute.

I also got a pic of this orangutan.  I'm awesome.

We threw a party at Christina's mom, Ginny, house in Point Loma.  It was sort of a Birthday/ don't leave us again party.   I also got only one or two pics of this event.  and Jake was there, so I blame him.  Here are Zeke and Hazel in their matching Japan outfits.  Very cute.  And Sassy.

Then she left, and my life was back to normal.  I went back to my normal summertime activities of playing outside with the babies, going in the pool, and eating summer-y fruit.  These babies love a good piece of fruit.  Grandpa Steve will be so proud.

Mmmmmmmmm, plums!!

So the rest of these pics are just random cuteness.  I will try to be better about taking pics.  Cause how else am I to brag about my babies awesomeness, how?

She's a little Binky obsessed.  I try to keep them away from her during the day, but she finds them everywhere.  I thinks she has a stash.

Zeke is a bit of a climber.  He climbed the ladder all by himself.  I'm a good mom.  Eh, Jake was there to catch him if he fell.  He didn't/  He climbed all the way up, then all the way down. 

And now, for Hazel's turn to fall asleep mid-meal.  Awesome.

Old McDonald Computer

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A bit of Zeke cuteness

Hazel gets a lot of attention because she's a tiny little thing walking around, so I thought I'd showcase a couple of Zeke's abilities:

1) Ability to eat an entire peach/pear/nectarine without help.  Well, some help...

The pit tends to anger him.

2) Total destruction.

He was taking all the clothes out of the drawers and placing them in other drawers.  Awesome.

Good times on Independence Day

Oh, the 4th of July.  The fireworks.  The hot dogs.  The massive amounts of junk eaten (which is always awesome when on a diet).  Oh how I love you.  The 4th started out with us crashing the San Pasqual pancake breakfast.  We dressed the kiddos up in their cutest patriotic outfits and watched as they smeared watermelon and syrup all over them.  So, back to the house for a quick wash of clothes and a bottle:

And then on to Coronado Island for the usual 4th festivities. Each year my family, along with the Cima family, gets together with a whole bunch of people and BBQ on the grass right by Glorrietta Bay in Coronado.  However this year, the Cima's decided they were too cool for us and bailed.  So, it was up to the Lough/Powell's to take care of business.  We packed our crap and hauled our cookies down to the bay and set up our spot with the Dane Powell family, my parents, April, and The Parry family.  We had some good times.  There was food, a bike ride, playing in the sand, playing games, and of course, eating.  The twins were actually very good through most of the day, even with the disruption in the nap schedule.  They love all the attention they get from their cousins, so it keeps them happy.  They started to get cranky later and both ended up passing out DURING the fireworks.  How they slept through that, I won't ever know.  Here are some pics so show the awesomeness.  Some of these I stole from Tatum Powell since I suck at getting pictures of events.  Boo.

Cute little Hazel.
Daddy and the Buster
Dane Powell and Family. 

Mandy, me and April and the kids