Friday, January 6, 2012

golfing with Papa

Good times in Texas.

We decided that it was time to spend Christmas with the Powell Fam in Texas.  So we packed the car Wednesday night and began the 20+ hour drive.  I hate it.  Before we set off on our little adventure, we let the babies open up a few gifts that we weren't going to pack with us.  Here they are wearing the jammies and playing with the monkey's Amanda got them.  They love the monkey's.  LOVE them.  Its awesome.

Back to the took us about a day and a half to get there.  Those times were spent watching movies, singing songs, and trying not to go crazy.  Once we got to Ft. Worth, the babies were a little wary of the grandparents at first, but soon got over it.  Pop-pop Roger liked to read them stories,

While Aunt Kassie was good for some play time...

I would put up pictures of Nana Sunny, but she threatened to disown me if I put pics of her on the blog again.  Ha.  You're Welcome Sunny!
For Christmas Eve, we got the Powell clan together with all the Lough sister's that live in Texas.  My ginormously pregnant sister Jessica drove up from Houston for a couple days to spend some good times with me.  And only me.  Because I'm her favorite.
We had lots of yummy food and pies/cake.  And by lots, I mean lots.  It was both awesome and ridiculous.  

The whole group at the Ashton's new House

The best pic we could get posing by the Ashton tree.  My babies don't pose. 
Then onto Christmas morning.  Santa decided to bring some personalized Balance bikes for the babies.  And Jake and I may have gotten a little out or control buying gifts.  Then add gifts from both families...Ay-yi-yi.  I got some spoiled babies. 

Santa Came!

Since Church was at 10am, we let them play with the bikes and open their Santa presents before getting ready.  The most favorite feature on the bikes were the horn.  I think Sunny was hating Santa after the umpteenth horn honk. 

After church and naps, we let them open the rest of their gifts.  And everyone elses.  Pretty much all Hazel wanted to do was open presents.  While Zeke just wanted to play with his bike and new blocks.
He loves blocks and Lego's.  Good think he got both!

Hazel would just bring me package after package, sit on my lap, and open them.  It was adorable.

Hazel Feeding her baby its "ba-ba."

And after everything, the most coveted prize was from Aunt Kassie.  They would strong-arm each other and knock each other down to get to this.  Awesome.
Rocking-Dino. Notice Hazel trying to dismount Zeke.  She decided it was HERS.

And then, even though we were there for about an entire week after this, we did not take any pics.  We actually left the camera at the Ashton's for the entire week.  So yeah.  It was event filled. Here is a list of events, in no particular order, to catch everyone up!
  • A day at the spa...for the men.  From their wives/daughters.  It was at The Boardroom, which is a salon for men.  They got haircuts, shoulder massages, hot shaves, etc.  They also got pulled over on the way there, but the cop let them off since he felt bad for them.  And he also laughed.
  • Hospital emergency #1: Courtney's son Nathan gets croup.  
  • Hospital emergency #2: Courtney's 8 week old preemie twin Lucy had a cyst on her trachea and has to get surgery. 
  • Movies: I get to see New Years Eve and Sherlock Holmes.  Since I never see movies EVER, it was a treat.  Also, the boys got another time out form wives and kids to all go see MI:4.  We are so nice.
  • Pinochle and Lime Meringue Pie.  I think I ate one all by myself.  It was worth it. 
  • Hospital Emergency #3:  Sunny this time.  She's fine was at home the next day.  We got to wait on her hand and foot a bit, much to her delight.  And when I say we, I mean Jake.  She and I were busy playing Words with Friends.  Priorities.
Mostly, our time was spent hanging out with our families.  We had a great time.  On New Years Eve, we started our journey  home.  We got to say Happy New Year twice, since we went through 2 time zones.  It was an uneventful New Years, but we were desperate to have a day off between the trip and work.  Even though we love Texas, we were grateful to be home!