Thursday, May 5, 2011

Old age is just around the corner...

Last week, the twins turned 11 months.  ELEVEN MONTHS!!!  This is crazy.  Like seriously crazy.  The days of tiny cuddly newborns have passed by in a flash.  Now I have 2 toddlers.  Hazel is a full fledged walker, she doesn't waste time crawling around.  Zeke is the fastest crawler I have ever seen.  Its ridiculous, he is starting to be interested in walking/standing on his own, but since he gets from A to B in a flash by crawling, he has no use for it.  They are eating solids like champs, love to eat rice, avocados, bananas, and any kind of crunchy they can get their grubby little hands on.  Sometimes that means rocks and/or woodchips, but we so far have been successful in getting it out of their hands or mouth before swallowing.  Its a whirlwind of chaos here.  I would say I used to have a clean and organized house before, but we all know that is a dirty, dirty lie.  Enjoy!

That's right.  11 months. 

This is Hazel's version of Jazz hands

And now, with the pink beret...cause what little girl doesn't need a pink beret?

One of the FEW pics we have ever gotten of him standing.  He's a fast lil stinker.

And to close, this is what happens when you climb on things you know you are not supposed to . Ouch.

On a side note, I need to plan their first birthday party as it is just around the corner.  Any ideas?  Anyone want to come?  There will be a pool involved.