Sunday, February 13, 2011

Goin' to the park..

Since it is an awesomely warm winter here in San Diego (HA HA losers!), and I leave work at 3:00, I seem to be at the park a lot.  Usually, I meet up with Mandy and her 2 little ones and go for a walk, but sometimes, Jake and I make the excursion. And I know that you only come here for the pics, so enjoy.

In the stroller for a walk.  Lookin' smooth guys, lookin' smooth.  And yes, they immediately tore them off.

We like to put them back to back in the same baby swing.  The fit better that way and I think they love it a little.

These 2 pics have nothing to do with the park, but I put them here for cuteness purposes.  I have cute babies.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Two 8 month old babies and a bunch of mormons...

Zeke and Hazel are now 8 months old.  In the last month, they have both gotten quite proficient at pulling themselves up on whatever is close, whether its your leg, the couch, the wall, or each others head.  They also get into pretty much everything.  I often think that things are baby proofed or that yes, my Ipad is well out of their reach only to turn around and find them into the cabinet and/or chewing on said Ipad.  Awesome.  Zeke also has 2 new additions to his mouth, and 2 on the way.  He, of course, was very delighted at the arrival of the new additions.  I swear.  He didn't keep me up at night for days.  Not at all.  Hazel, on the other hand, is still sans teeth.  I think she prefers it that way.  She does though, drool as though her whole mouth is expecting a full set of teeth.  So much drool that I often have to change her clothes as they are soaked.  It's cute now, but I don't think she'll be getting a lot of dates at 16 if this continues.  Although, that might be a good thing. 

Zeke looks kinda like a old man in his suspenders.  It's either that or droopy drawers.  So cute.

We also went to the annual Mormon Battalion Celebration in Old town.  My parents have helped with the brick making booth for the past few years, and this year, we actually took a few pictures.  Its a pretty fun day, and its free.  And you get all sorts of cute things to make, like a doll, bricks, etc.  And if you are cool like I am, you get cookies that your mom made for the workers at the brick making booth.  I know, I know, I'm a pretty big deal around these parts.  But seriously, its good times.  I highly recommend going. 

By the brick making booth, admiring my mom's quilt.

Steve and Kerrie making bricks.  I told my dad he looked like the preacher from Poltergeist 2.  Freaky.

Happy, happy Hazel.

His face is so cute and chubby. I want to bite it.