Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Last few months...

So, since I started this blog AFTER the wee babes were born, I decided to post a whole bunch of pictures to show an update til now.  Indulge me.  Since they are now almost 14 weeks (which means I officially have to go back to work on Tuesday, booooo!), I figure I have a few weeks of catching up to do.  I like my babies a great deal.  As is evident by these next photos!
This was right after I bought the playmat.  They are both just starting to get some chunk.

Zeke passed out at 9 weeks.

After months of not being allowed to eat sushi, we went with Linda and I pretty much ate myself sick.  Oh, and Hazel is finding Linda a bit hilarious here. 

Zeke finds his hand pretty tasty.   And, can I just point out the double chin?  Awesome.

Jake took this while we were all asleep.  Including the cat. 

Matching smiles on the Powell boys.

11 weeks old

Hazel will pretty much fall asleep anywhere, the floor, the cat, wherever.  Actually, many of the pics I have is of her sleeping.  Why is that?

This time Rambo decided to fall asleep on Zeke.  He likes a warm body.  He actually was lying right next to him. 

13 weeks

Jake covered Zeke's bits and pieces for this shot.   Sorry.    Wait, that sounds creepy. 

And yet another shot of me sleeping.  I actually do much more than sleep, although I do like my mid afternoon naps.  Those will be a thing of the past here in a few days.   We actually just took some family pics, so I'll post those when I get them back.  I have a few hundred more pictures, but I think this a pretty good pictoral update.  Videos will be coming soon...
This is us on their second night. I just thought it was cute with Jake snuggling them.

Please ignore the inane chatter in the background. It is super embarrassing. It is mostly talking about surgeries, weight gain, and other stupid crap.

Zeke had to stay in the nursery for 12 hours after he was born due to respiratory issues. This is Jake visiting him. I didn't get to see him until they released him, so I spent good quality time with Hazel.

A Day at the Beach!

Jake and I have taken a couple of trips to the beach now with kids. I tell you, it is a LOT more difficult. After getting everything loaded then unloaded and set up, the babies get hungry. So I spend the entire time feeding/burping/changing a diaper. But its still worth it to see them in their little suits.

Hazel and Zeke at 7 weeks

Monday, August 30, 2010

Good times at the Family reunion

Jake and I decided to be very ambitious and attend the Lough Family Reunion in good ol' San Antone. My parents where nice enough (read CRAZY) to rent a van and take the 20+ hour drive with us. The first stop was Dallas to see some Powell's and bless these here twins. In the craziness that is 5 week old twins, traveling, and recovering from C-section, neither Jake nor I took that many pictures. So, friends and family, if you happened to get some sweet o pics of said event, please send them my way. This means you, Dave Ashton. Speaking of which, any word on the wedding video? Hello? is this thing on?

Lough's and Powell's at the blessing in Dallas

As for the reunion, it was some seriously good times. Especially the times they all abandoned me and these babies and went to Schlitterbahn. Jerks. Who like these guys anyways? Other than the aforementioned abandonment, there was a trip to the Alamo, Riverwalk, some wild Safari land place, shopping and much giggling and game playing. And some wakeboarding for the boys. Seriously though, when I get together with my sisters, we all act like 14 year olds. My mom must be so proud. So here a few pics of the Fam at the reunion. Enjoy!

Jake passed out with the babies in the rental house. Hazel looks a bit surprised. Notice the fancy sheets. We thought we would like them, but they were too slickery and I kept sliding off the bed...

Hazel out shopping. No, she's not cute at all. Not in the least bit.

The Whole Lough Family (Except Aprill's fam that couldn't make it). I'm not holding my babies and I look super huge, but give me a break I was only 6 weeks post partum. I mean I look hot.

Jake holding los babys at the Riverwalk. Zeke passed out that way.

All of us in front of the Alamo. It was pretty cool, but I barely saw any of it. I had 2 hot, sweaty and cranky babies.

And Schlitterbahn. Notice the lack of my awesomeness. I'm not jealous or anything.

Don't Judge Me.

So, I have always been one of those people that read other blogs, but had decided I would NEVER start one because I really have nothing to say. And that my life is not all that exciting. And that no one wants to read about how I went to the store and got milk and cheese. But, then I had my twins, Zeke and Hazel. And even though I still don't think most people care about what I do, I figure some people MIGHT care about how awesomely cute my babies are. Cuz, they are. For realsies. So this blog is for the updating of the lives of these Powell twins. But I can't make any promises that I won't write about boring things...I do so like to ramble.
The following is a photo update of the twins. Enjoy!

Jake and I just about to leave for the Hospital

Me with the twins, the first time I held them. I look super super hot.

Hazel and Ezekiel, shortly after birth. Zeke is clearly pissed at the world.

The twins cozying up to Jake. Is that a word?

First Night home...So tiny.

And they're here!!