Friday, February 3, 2012

Good times at the Birch Aquarium

Even though I have lived in San Diego for most of my life and work a stone's throw away from it, I have never really gone to the Birch Aquarium.  Shocking, I know.  So Jake and I decided to take the kids to see the fishy's.  Everything was a fishy.  Except the sea horses, they were "horsey."  Geniuses?  I think so...Also, it was crazy crowded and dark in there so about 90% of my pics turned out craptastically.  I also only brought my point and shoot, not my fancypants kind.  Don't judge me!!

Hazel and Jake looking at the big fish.

Staring at the fish

Cuddling in the cold after petting the starfish

And just for cutes, Hazel in daddy's shoes.

All the January business...

 After all the craziness of traveling for Christmas, It took a while to get the house back together and such.  Hence the lack of I've decided to post a few videos and pics to update on the last month.

For most of the month, we just hung out at home with these cute faces.  They are getting so big and crazy.  They both are counting to 10 and singing all kinds of songs.  However, they don't like to sing on camera.  The video's below are of some of their awesomeness.  They love their bikes, and are getting really good at riding them. 

Even though they are only 20 months old, I see the early stages of the "terrible two's" starting.  They are both getting to get a bit stinkery and throw fits if they dont' get their way.  All in all, they are really good babies.  I seriously lucked out.  They both have a lot of personality and love each other.  It's really fun to have them around. 

Here are some more pics of their cuteness:

Kisses for her brother.
He's busting a move...His signature elbow moves. Awesome.

They are so happy all the time.  And of course, they are much better than that copycat Courtney's twins.  Fo' reals. 


bike riding

twinkle twinkle Hazel