Saturday, February 23, 2013

A photo representation of the last few months...

Life has been a bit hectic for the last few months.  I have completely neglected the important things in life, you know, like this blog.  So here is a few photos that I selected out of a sea of many.  Mostly to prove how cool and awesome I, I mean my kids are.  Yes.  That is what I mean.

The Color Run: Before the Race. 

Hazel getting colored.

Brock was all long as he has Jessie and Woody to keep him company.

After the Race!

Disneyland with the Cima's
Zeke loves Disneyland.

Taylor and Hazel
Looking at Christmas lights with the Heck's

Heck Family-Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas!
All the kids.  2 sets of b/g twins.

Zekey loves Santa.

Minnie Mouse is very popular at the Powell house.

Zeke's favorite gift.

Princess Hazel made sure she had a turn.

Cute baby twins.  Not as cute as mine though.  Suck it Heck's.
The most recent pics: Hazel with pigtails at the beach. 

A Happy, but freezing Zeke.

Pure cuteness.

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